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Jack Russell Terrier laying in the grass


Welcome to the site! This is an online community for like-minded people to chat and exchange tips and ideas.

Love Jack Russell's website has been created for everyone who loves the breed and to create a community to share not only the joy that they bring us, but the inevitable trials and tribulations too! We are based within the UK; however we welcome members from around the globe and look forward to hearing about your little terrors!...more

The History of JRT's

Dog Show around 1883

The history of the Jack and the Parson Russell's could be debated for hours. Lots of people have their own views, and these seem to change dramatically depending on where in the world they are from. The facts as we know them are that both originated from the same lines, belonging to The Reverend John Russell and the first bitch in his breeding plan...more

About Russell Terriers

Two Jack Russell Terrier Pups about 3 months old

The Jack and Parson Russell Terrier is a happy, energetic bold dog; who is extremely loyal, clever and very confident. The greatest attribute is their ability to be working dogs, closely followed by their excellent qualities as a companion. A Jack Russell can be easily contented bolting a fox or playing with a toy in your home, or maybe trying to kill a sock or maybe a mouse in your barn...more

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    Toilet training

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  • 08July

    Not eating or drinking after first vaccines

    Hi Can anyone help me with some advice, I'm a little concerned, I picked up my new addition to the family, Luna, on Saturday and we went and had her first...more

  • 31July

    Dixie's won

    I have had Dixie on Arden grange dry which he wouldn't eat and I know they say don't mess with their feed they will eat when hungry but he wouldn't I star...more

  • 30July

    Space dogs

    I have mentioned the space dogs thingy (word has gone for now lol) Today our town was being judged for Keep Scotland Beautiful award. Our dog group is a s...more